The new Rimac C_Two is knocking the door of 2000hp

Isaac Cain
March 9, 2018

That's fast, but the Croatian company has built an even more impressive follow-up in the C_Two, which made its debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. But first the facts! More importantly, it allegedly beats the Roadster's 60 miles per hour time of 1.9 seconds by getting there in... And if those figures don't peak your interest, we don't know what will! The motors powered by a 120kWh Lithium-Magnesium-Nickel battery pack.

The front wheels have a single-speed transmission as in conventional electric cars while the rear wheels get a 2-speed gearbox. The motors are also oil cooled since they are extremely high performance.

And it isn't just quick in a straight line, it is quick around corners too.

It's also slightly larger than before, hopefully correcting one of our few criticisms with the first vehicle - cabin space - and features Rimac's own autonomous and connected technology, making the C_Two a proof-of-concept showcase for the large number of major global carmakers that Rimac calls its clients. With an active front hood and rear spoiler, the Rimac Concept Two offers atremendous amount of downforce and a drag coefficient of just 0.28.

There's a flat floor to aid aerodynamics, with a rear diffuser and active aerodynamic elements on the exterior, notably the rear wing - which can act as an air brake. The underbody also has a magnitude of flaps that crate venturi effects and adds to the downforce that the Rimac C_Two makes. The wheels are also aerodynamically created to reduce drag and downforce along with faster cooling brakes.

2018 Geneva Motor Show Rimac C_2

It's hard to know which aspect of Rimac's C_Two is most impressive.

Because there's a motor for each wheel, the C_Two features R-AWTV, or Rimac All-Wheel Torque Vectoring, constantly varying the output of each motor according to driving conditions.

The auto has Level 4 autonomy, so it will basically be able to drive on its own but will still require a driver to be behind the wheel. With the help of 8 cameras, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), 6 Radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors for lane assist and automatic braking, the Rimac Concept Two can drive on its own.

Tech wise; the C_Two includes facial recognition, voice control, telemetry data recording and even a virtual driving coach that can display racing lines and braking points in real-time on whatever racetrack the vehicle is on.

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