Landing This Spring, Jurassic World Alive Combines AR and Dinosaurs

Isaac Cain
March 8, 2018

Universal has announced a Pokémon Go-style mobile game dubbed Jurassic World Alive. Instead of always having to leave the house when you want to capture dinosaurs, the game will offer the option to deploy a digital drone and patrol a small area around your house for any T-Rex types that may or may not be in your neighborhood.

You'll also be able to take photos and videos of the dinosaurs you collect during gameplay.

Jurassic World Alive is pretty much Pokemon GO with dinosaurs-at least that's what we've gathered from the brief teaser released by the dev team. Later this spring, Jurassic World Alive will debut, allowing players to interact with dinosaurs in the world around them. You can even train the dinosaurs and battle them with other players around the world. Those who will go for it, an in-game incubator awaits them at the time of the game launch. Both Jurassic Park Builder and Jurassic World: The Game fared well with fans old and new, and interestingly, Montreal-based gaming company Ludia developed the two previous games and will be the ones to helm Alive.

At launch Universal is aiming to have approximately 100 dinosaurs to find but they're planning regular updates to tie-in with upcoming film releases as well as special hybrids to unlock.

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Since Michael Crichton first opened the gates to those risky dinos with his Jurassic Park novel, there has been a whole movie franchise, more merchandise that you shake a raptor claw at, comic books, and many video games of varying success. These sound like Jurassic World Alive's equivalent to legendaries. If you've seen the most recent Jurassic World movie then I'm sure you can extrapolate on why that's a bad idea.

Reportedly the game will be released for Android and iPhone and iPad devices sometime this spring, possibly synchronized somehow with the release of the new movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

If we've made you curious (hopefully we have!), you can register over at and be alerted when the game gets released or stay tuned and we will inform you as soon as possible!

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