Here's a look at PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' new 4x4 map

Gwen Vasquez
March 26, 2018

Released in July of 2017, the action-packed, Battle Royale genre based game has gained millions of fans.

Fortnite's popularity can be specifically attributed to its free-to-play and cross-platform model. With potentially hundreds of students playing Fortnite mobile on their iPhones during school, an incredible amount of data is being pushed through the school's network - potentially making it much more hard to accomplish day-to-day tasks like doing research or writing papers. While the new version is not as readily available for players to acquire as is its counterparts in the pump and tactical shotguns, the high damage and increased range that it provides to players lucky enough to find one in a match allows them to quickly dispatch any enemy. These will protect them and possibly give them the advantage over the other opponents.

His answer was in response to an audience question about his thoughts on Fortnite, which past year copied PUBG's primary game design idea and has since exploded in popularity largely thanks to its free-to-play model.

Teachers aren't having a great time of it, with one tweeting, "Fortnite released fortnite mobile which means now my middle school students can play the game they never stop talking about at school behind my back on their phones that are nicer than mine".

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As with any popular trend, school kids are some of the first to be on it, and according to areport from Kotaku, lots and lots of teachers are concerned about Fortnite particularly. But that's not just the best "gaming" app for iOS, but the best-selling app period.

A few games that use the Unreal Engine include Tekken, Kingdom Hearts, Borderlands, EVE Valkyrie, Final Fantasy VII Remake, PUBG and more besides.

Wanna see what all the hype is about?

First off, a classic and favorite for its other modes, Minecraft's modding community (especially on PC) has made likely hundreds of different arena modes where players can battle online against each other in custom built worlds. Whichever way you choose to play, from the sound of it, you might be in for a blast of fun.

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