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Danny Woods
February 21, 2018

Everything looked as though it wasn't going well because her family was just sitting there staring at him. "I don't know", she said.

"All four of these women have a connection with him that would feel like he's known them a long time, so it makes sense that these are four he has singled out", she says. Kendall would be bored tears if they got married.

This season of "The Bachelor" is the first in the franchise that I have religiously watched. Arie gives a fairly unsatisfactory answer to the question of whether he's just messing around with all these women or whether he's really interested in pursuing something serious with Becca. Kylie's parting words for her sister: "If you're afraid to lose him, you need to tell him everything you're feeling". "She has a keen, analytical mind, which is something a Virgo appreciates, but she also has the groundedness". While she may hold some grievances from the current bachelor, Bekah M. reveals that she has finally gotten some closure from the latter after she spoke with him.

While Arie and Becca's candied apples look delish and Lauren B. and Arie dine on crab legs, the only food that matters are the teeny tiny weiners that Tia's family toasts with in Weiner, Arkansas. She warned him that her brother might be tough on him. Arie said that he's falling for Tia. Fortunately for Gates, though she didn't find love on The Bachelor, she did find it with Adam Gottschalk on Bachelor in Paradise.

Arie then jets off to Minneapolis to meet up with Becca and her family. Arie becomes overwhelmed with stress at the family dinner and must leave the table. He even flat-out asks if it's the real deal between Arie and Becca, and Arie admits that it is. Then silence. One of Lauren's relatives asks Arie to say something in Dutch, which is kind of a lame party trick but I guess if you're desperate for conversation it's a fine idea. "To me it's just a way to really appreciate animals", explains Kendall, before giving Arie the bad news: "We are going to be mounting some taxidermy of our own!"

"She told me, 'You're an wonderful human, you're amusing".

Later on the date, Arie met Kendall's mom, dad, twin sister Kylie (yes, they are Kendall and Kylie), and her younger brother.

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"Arie pretty much shut her down". The two seemed to connect after Arie shared a story about participating in a goodwill tour of Iraq to visit US troops.

Some memorable moments included her refusal to go to a group date after-party, her interruption of the rose ceremony and a Jimmy Kimmel compilation of interesting noises and sounds she made throughout the season. Before he could present any roses, Arie needed to step away for a minute to collect himself.

With Booth not making it past the hometown dates, as reported by Reality Steve, some fans want her to be the next star of The Bachelorette.

Monday's Season 22, episode 8 will see Arie spend one-on-one time with contestants Tia, Becca K., Lauren B., and Kendall. He said he was up all night trying to decide but that there was something missing. She cried and said she wasn't ready to go.

Next week "The Bachelor" will return with two back-to-back episodes.

"The Bachelor" is advancing towards the end of its 22nd season, but before the show's finale episode, viewers would first get to see the women's side in the Women-Tell-All episode.

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