United States slaps more sanctions on Pakistan-linked militants

Frederick Owens
February 12, 2018

The sources said the three militants who lost their lives were affiliated with Haqqani network, which is a faction of the Afghan Taliban group.

Afghan and US officials have long alleged insurgents use sanctuaries in Pakistan for planning deadly attacks on the other side of the border, charges Islamabad denies.

"Treasury continues to aggressively pursue and expose radicals who support terrorist organisations and run illicit financial networks across South Asia".

"All property and interests in property of these persons subject to the U.S. jurisdiction are blocked, and USA persons are generally prohibited from engaging in transactions with them", the Treasury Department said.

The other two are accused of acting on behalf of Shaikh Aminullah, who was sanctioned in 2009 for providing material support to al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

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"We may consider lifting the suspension when we see decisive and sustained actions to address our concerns, including targeting all terrorist groups operating within its territory, without distinction", Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan also said.

Hizb Ullah Astam Khan and Dilawar Khan Nadir Khan are accused of having links with Shaykh Aminullah, who was named in the global terror blacklist in 2009.

Additionally, in mid-2014, Zeb facilitated travel for Fazeel-A-Tul Shaykh Abu Mohammed Ameen Al-Peshwari (aka Shaykh Aminullah) from Pakistan to the Gulf.

Details of the latest US drone attack emerged as an Afghan delegation led by the neighboring country's deputy foreign minister, Hekmat Khalil Karzai, opened a new round of wide-ranging talks Friday with Pakistani counterparts in Islamabad.

Dilawar Khan Nadir Khan (Dilawar) was responsible for handling Aminullah's accommodations in Pakistan and relaying his messages. Dilawar has also facilitated funds transfers, including worldwide transactions, on behalf of Aminullah.

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