Smash on Switch Rumors Intensify

Gwen Vasquez
February 22, 2018

While PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One fans are now the only ones able to look forward to the aforementioned content, it looks as though that all could change, as the game could be coming to Nintendo Switch. As a matter of fact, Donald Mustard, the worldwide creative director of Epic Games, has already expressed interest in bringing the game to the Big N's hybrid console, stating that "hopefully" we will see a port in the future.

Doom Nintendo Switch latest update has also added a new party system to Doom multiplayer.

In that sense, Creighton said the following: "You know that meme?" So far for the Nintendo Switch we've gotten two out of three, but what about the third? That's me right now.

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The FPS title has a traditional gameplay setup on the Switch and this has prevented a portion of Switch's gamers from purchasing the game. The game has received generally positive reviews on other platforms, and could well be a nice little addition to the Switch's eShop.

It's not just Panic Button that is getting swamped with Switch port requests, the interview also has comments from BlitWorks. The Wii U was lagging quite far behind the competition, but with the Switch it's at the same level if not better for some projects. Sure, the Switch isn't powerful enough to do some games justice, but if Panic Button can make games like Doom and Wolfenstein II work on the system, most games should be able to make the leap in some form.

As a Switch owner I'm eager to play Super Smash Bros. on-the-go with a friend, or random people I meet out and about.

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