PUBG To Get Ping Based Matchmaking

Gwen Vasquez
February 22, 2018

The Playerunknown's Battlegrounds' development and community team have updated the game's patch notes to include two new crates that are coming to the game, as well as some welcome changes to PUBG's economy.

The constant monitoring of cheaters also delayed the reveal of a road map of other features and content slated for 2018, which was supposed to be shared earlier this year.

The company's focus has since switched to dealing with the game's cheaters, which the company also attributed to the ongoing silence on the game's roadmap, which has caused many players to be frustrated. The team is expecting to improve the overall play experience by splitting the matching pool rather than restricting connection depending on ping.

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PUBG developers have recently announced some of there plans for 2018, as well as details for the most recent update to the game. It was initially unveiled past year and will based around an area around the Adriatic Sea. Matchmaking in PUBG will prioritize users with lower pings and preparations are underway to test this in certain regions, starting this week.

KitGuru Says: If BattlEye's statement and player beliefs are correct, ping-based matchmaking would help preserve happiness across the board, so I'm unsure why efforts on that particular feature would slow down. Hopefully, the anti-cheating measures do their job and PUBG's devs can concentrate on giving us what we really want: moar ways to win chicken dinners pls. As for how the game stands right now, a few minor bug fixes and changes have made their way into the game. This should split the match pool for the game rather than outright restricting connections based exclusively on ping. Although no specific date has been disclosed for it. But that's really as far as it went when it came to explaining what would be included, so we don't even know where the map will be situated yet.

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