Internet hoax claims Florida shooting survivors are 'crisis actors'

Gladys Abbott
February 23, 2018

Ever since the tragedy struck the Parkland school, David Hogg had been vocal about it and even urged lawmakers and politicians to implement gun control measures.

But because it was taken six months before the shooting at Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and was filmed in a different state, conspiracy theorists deduced that it was proof Hogg is an actor who has been hired to speak around the country.

David Hogg has been subject to online conspiracy theories that he was not a genuine survivor of the Parkland school shooting.

Far-right outlets have pointed to his father's status as a retired Federal Bureau of Investigation agent to suggest something nefarious in the student's frequent media appearances.

"Outspoken Trump-Hating School Shooting Survivor is Son of FBI Agent; MSM Helps Prop Up Incompetent Bureau", reads the other tweet.

Hogg addressed the conspiracies during an interview with CNN. "Because the Federal Bureau of Investigation is only looking to curb YOUR Constitutional rights and INCREASE their power. We are working to improve our systems moving forward", the statement said. He also claimed that the students were "milking the death of their peers for careers".

Similar clips alleging that Hogg was a so-called "crisis actor" were also trending on Facebook this morning, per Business Insider.

"(I guess he transferred?)", Kelly said to the Tampa Bay Times.

The conspiracy theory has been widely shared on social media and implies the students who have been most visible are actors, paid for some unknown group to appear in the media and push a gun control agenda.

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In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday afternoon, Hogg said the rallies that were going on in Florida today were representative of people demanding change to gun safety laws and regulations.

"I need to make these people's voices heard so that they don't die in vain", said Hogg.

"The fact that these people are being critical of me as a witness and personally as a victim to this incident and having to witness this and live through it again and again, it is unbelievable", David said. Congress needs to get over their political bias with each other and work toward saving children's lives.

Just days earlier, González responded to those who believed she should be grieving instead of speaking out.

"I'm under so much stress", she told the Post.

As the theories gain momentum through social media, they filter upwards to people with higher profiles, including media columnists, right-wing influencers and, in this case, the USA president's own son.

Leary tweeted about the email he received from Kelly. "Genuine grief I can empathize with".

He later apologized about the tweets, but didn't delete them.

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