FBI didn't pay Russian spy for Trump dirt

Frederick Owens
February 11, 2018

The American spies ended "chasing the Russian out of Western Europe, warning him not to return if he valued his freedom", The Times reported, based on an account from the businessman, who is now said to have possession of the Trump "material" somewhere in Europe. In October and December he delivered documents he alleged contained information which implicated Trump's associates, but the Times reports that most of the information the documents included were already public knowledge.

The man initially asked for $10 million in exchange for the classified hacking tools data, which was stolen in 2017 by a group which calls itself Shadow Brokers, which was known to the NSA agents. In addition, he just recently had Russian top spy agents (one banned to be in America) come here and meet with Mike Pompeo, our CIA director and other intelligence officials.

The payment, the report writes, was meant to be part of a $1 million payout to the Russian seller who claimed access to a wide-ranging collection of secrets including information on the stolen cyberweapons and material on Trump, which he said included a 2013 video of Trump with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room.

Intelligence officials said they "saw the information, especially the video, as the stuff of tabloid gossip pages, not intelligence collection".

The Times' sources said the intelligence officials did not want to be caught up in a Russian plot to cause problems in the USA government, and they were concerned about the fallout if it was learned they'd bought information about Trump, so when it became clear he wasn't delivering the cyberweapons, they cut off the plot and threatened the Russian seller with arrest.

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He actually tried to once, as he handed a short video clip showing a man talking to two women over to a Berlin-based American businessman who was communicating on behalf of the United States intelligence agents, but failed to verify it was actually the American President.

The Russian took the money but never turned anything over.

According to The Times, the USA worked through an American businessman based in Germany who met with the Russian in several locations, while American intelligence agencies spent months tracking him, including with the NSA using its official Twitter account to send him coded messages.

The Russian also said he was holding on to the NSA cyberweapons "at the orders of senior Russian intelligence officials".

He was eventually told by the Central Intelligence Agency to leave Europe and not return.

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