United Kingdom could get bespoke trade deal with EU - Macron

Gladys Abbott
January 22, 2018

When asked on the BBC's Andrew Marr show whether France would have followed the UK's lead in voting to leave the EU Macron he said: 'Yeah, probably.

"For sure", Macron said.

Reports say the government of South Africa took their protest to the USA embassy in Pretoria and reacting to Trump's controversial comments that some immigrants from Africa and Haiti come from "shithole" countries, the country's foreign ministry called the remarks "crude and offensive".

"For sure, you will have your own solution", Macron told BBC television, in extracts released on Saturday. "And if we want, precisely, to build peace, development in these countries and a respectful relationship", you can't use those words "by definition".

"I think a lot of our issues in both the Middle East and in Africa is due to a lot of frustrations, a lot of past humiliations and we have to understand that". Macron continued. "And I do believe we have to respect all the countries. Sometimes I manage to convince him, sometimes I fail".

French president Emmanuel Macron has rejected the idea of a tailored Brexit deal for the City, insisting Britain will not be allowed full access to European Union markets, including financial services, unless it pays into the EU budget and accepts all its rules.

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"There should be no cherry-picking in the single market because that's a dismantling of the single market".

But, Macron warned, while the relationship could be deeper than a straightforward trade deal, Britain will not be able to pick and choose which aspects of the European Union single market it wants access to.

The French President said giving the UK's financial services full access to the single market without accepting its rules was "not feasible".


Macron spoke of the "risks" in having a "yes or no" referendum, saying he wouldn't "want to take any bets" if France held their own poll.

"It's a mistake when you just ask yes or no when you don't ask people how to improve the situation and explain how to improve it", he said.

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