Trump Obsessively Tweets About His Wall As Government Shutdown Looms

Gladys Abbott
January 19, 2018

"In President Trump's world, you can have disagreements privately or publicly, but immigration is a hot-button issue for him, and it's something he doesn't like to see disagreements on, especially publicly", Ruddy said.

In relation to Trump's drugs claim, the SRE said that "illicit trafficking of drugs, weapons and money" is a "shared problem that will only end if the root causes are addressed: the high demand for drugs in the United States and the supply from Mexico (and other countries)".

To clear doubts, he said that his concept of wall "has never changed or evolved" since he conceived it and that, in addition, it will have to be borne by Mexico. "Campaigning and governing are two different things, and this president has been very, very flexible in terms of what is within the realm of the possible".

Mr Kelly said they were now looking at alternative ways to raise funds, including via possible visa fees or renegotiating the Nafta trade deal between the US, Canada and Mexico.

In Thursday morning's tweet, President Trump insisted Mexico would still pick up the costs, possibly "through longer term reimbursement".

"One thing is to campaign, another thing is to govern".

Trump in a subsequent tweet said Mexico would "directly or indirectly" pay for the wall and ripped the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

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Kelly tells Fox that Trump has "very definitely changed his attitude" toward protecting the young immigrants, "and even the wall, once we briefed him". More recently, he has prevailed upon Trump not to dwell on the idea of Mexico paying for the wall, a notion that the president has not mentioned for some time. "He called the meeting to listen, is how he framed it", Rep. Pete Aguilar of California said of Kelly.Hispanic Caucus members said they were surprised Kelly said he was unfamiliar with a bipartisan bill Aguilar worked on with Texas Republican Rep.

The hope had been that Congress would have reached a deal on immigration by now.

Kelly did not bring a new proposal from the White House on immigration, Rep. Luis Guiterrez, D-Illinois, said, calling it "unfortunate".

In a final flourish two hours later, Trump fell back on his campaign theme on the wall, saying it was needed to stop the inflow of drugs from Mexico, which he called the "No. 1 most risky country in the world".

Trump had repeatedly promised during his campaign, and over the course of his first year in office, that the US would build a massive border wall and that Mexico would pay for it.

Speaking to Baier, Kelly also described what Trump would like to see in a deal with Democrats over DACA, saying Trump wants 700 miles of additional border wall and $20 billion in funding.

While Republicans control both houses of Congress, some members of the party have said that they may not support a short-term spending plan that would keep the government running when current funding expires at midnight on Friday if their own needs are not addressed.

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