Trump Mocked for Forgetting Lyrics to National Anthem

Lynette Rowe
January 10, 2018

Thousands of football fans gathered Monday night to attend the College Football Playoff National Championship game in Atlanta, Georgia, to witness the match between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs.

Donald Trump has been criticised on social media after he appeared to struggle to recall the words to the U.S. national anthem. He said his grandfather had taught him to do this only during the pledge, and to only sing during the anthem. He did not stray away from his lyrics to say something about Trump, who reportedly left before K. Dot's performance. Even though the United States president hasn't really spoken about these issues or lashed out at the "fake media" for stoking these fears, it looks like these speculations aren't going to die anytime soon, considering the Twitterati is once again speaking of it. The US president sang the first few lines clearly but seemed to have forgotten parts of the Star-Spangled Banner and stuttered for a bit.

The Flag Code covers aspects of etiquette when the anthem is played in some detail.

The code adds that military personnel and veterans should salute throughout the anthem. However, singing the Star-Spangled Banner is encouraged from school onwards - in some schools it is compulsory.

He said that Trump "stood stoic at midfield, hand over heart, mouthing words".

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"There's plenty of space for people to express their views and to protest, but we love our flag and we love our anthem, and we want to keep it that way".

A Twitter user named, Charlotte Clymer tweeted saying: "Trump literally does not know the words of the National Anthem".

The White House has vehemently denied these claims, and the president took to Twitter to personally defend his mental health in a string of now infamous tweets.

This comment is believed to be relating to the ongoing criticism Trump gave professional football players who kneel during the anthem to protest racial injustice, as well as the NFL itself for allowing it.

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