Total War: Three Kingdoms Announced - Total War Goes Dynasty Warriors This Fall

Isaac Cain
January 11, 2018

As such, the developers made a decision to just go ahead and release the trailer for Total War: Three Kingdoms.

"It is 190CE and China is in turmoil". I'd hazard a guess it means Creative Assembly will be building upon the Legendary Lord mechanic introduced in Total War: Warhammer. The Han child-emperor serves as a puppet ruler for ruthless warlord Dong Zhuo, a tyrant who crushes the people of China beneath his remorseless rule. It is a brutal and oppressive regime, and as Dong Zhuo's power grows, the empire slips further into the cauldron of anarchy. Yet hope blossoms in the form of three heroes, sworn to brotherhood in the face of calamity. It makes sense that the United Kingdom, based development studio would focus much of their attention to detail around European history, but they did branch out every once in a while with games like Total War: Shogun and Total War: Atilla. Total War: Thrones of Britanniais part of an ongoing initiative to create spin-offs of the franchise centered around key historical events.

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This follows a two game dalliance with Games Workshop flagship fantasy series: 2016's strong Total War: Warhammer, and last year's excellent Total War: Warhammer 2. In the meantime you can add Total War: Three Kingdoms to your wishlist by visiting the Steam store page.

Today Sega and Creative Assembly announced the next full-fledged historical Total War game, which is titled Total War: Three Kingdoms. "The future of China will be shaped by their hands, but personal ambition threatens their already crumbling alliance". There isn't a release date, just yet, but I'd expect the game to release sometime in the fall.

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