Nintendo Labo Are Cardboard Peripherals For Your Switch, And It's So Nintendo

Isaac Cain
January 19, 2018

Two are listed on Nintendo's Labo website: A $70 variety pack, which includes the aforementioned piano, motorcycle and house, as well as an $80 kit to create a wearable robot-simulating suit.

Looks like Nintendo may have found their way get Switches into classrooms as well with the Labo.

When is the Nintendo Labo release date?

Nintendo of America is holding Labo events in New York City and San Francisco for kids aged 6 - 12 to get some early hands-on sessions with the Toy-Cons. "See, Mom? Video games are educational!" the kids will say ... and they won't be wrong.

With Nintendo's Labo, you'll be using cardboard to make connected accessories for the Nintendo Switch, essentially working with a Do It Yourself mentality to make extra bits and pieces for the Nintendo's latest portable console.

Then, you're trapped: either your initial purchase is entirely useless, or you've got to buy more cardboard from Nintendo.

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Broadly, it's a do-it-yourself building set where you build new ways to play and control the Nintendo Switch.

The Variety Kit comes with five projects to create two Toy-Con RC cars, a Toy-Con fishing rod, a Toy-Con house, a Toy-Con motorbike, and a Toy-Con Piano. You assemble the cardboard toy, called a Toy-Con, insert the Switch parts into the accessories, and play the game associated with the item you've built.

For example, you can plug the console's controllers into the vehicle, and it will move around thanks to the controllers' vibrations, responding to users' input from the Switch's touchscreen. What?source Nintendo And here, you can see a fishing pole. With Nintendo it's clear they spend much of their time nowadays trying to work out how to combat the rise of smartphones, and in particular the hold they now have over new generations of children. "It is an exciting evolution of the Nintendo Switch platform - one created to inspire curiosity, creativity and imagination in people of all ages".

You can not use Nintendo Labo without a Nintendo Switch, outright. The former will allow players to build an RC auto, fishing rod, house, motorbike, and piano, while the latter will see players construct a wearable robot suit. This allows players to build and customize their own accessories.

The Robot Kit uses the Joy-Cons to control the arms and legs of the Robot that straps to a backpack that the user wears, it starts at at $79.99. The kits also come with their own software which will have to be installed on your Nintendo Switch.

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