Man declared dead three times starts snoring in mortuary body bag

Danny Woods
January 11, 2018

A prisoner, who had been declared dead by three doctors, was lying on a slab in the morgue with a physician standing over him ready to perform an autopsy when he let out a snore that saved his life.

This discovery was not a moment too soon - Jiménez's body even had the marks painted on it to guide the autopsy, a family member told La Voz de Asturias.

According to local media, he woke just hours before the post-mortem examination was due to be undertaken.

Jiménez, a prisoner of the Villabona Penitentiary Centre in Asturias, north-east Spain, had been found in his cell sitting unconscious in a chair after he failed to present himself for a daily head count, local news outlet El Pais reported. He was placed in the most unsafe section of the prison population. He also appeared to be suffering rigor mortis. As recently as last April a 49-year-old Parisienne was mistakenly pronounced dead by a doctor following a heart attack.

Three experts are supposed to examine a prisoner before they can officially be declared dead. Montoya was not dead.

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"The forensic [pathologist] proceeded to open the bag and found the inmate still alive".

He had been declared dead by three experienced doctors, who then sent his body to the mortuary.

The first words Jiménez uttered after his awakening were about his wife, and he asked if he could see her.

According to Informativos Telecinco, it is believed that it could be a case of catalepsy, though that hasn't yet been confirmed. Catalepsy is a condition where a person can be mistaken for dead because their vital signs are slowed to a point where it is nearly imperceptible.

A hospital spokesman confirmed the patient was in intensive care but said he couldn't comment on his condition, although a well-placed source said his life was not thought to be in danger now he was being cared for in the proper place.

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