Ibuprofen may lead to male infertility

Faith Castro
January 10, 2018

The drop in testosterone can cause testicles to shrink, as well as making it more hard to get someone pregnant.

Men who take relatively high doses of ibuprofen may be at increased risk for fertility problems, early research suggests.

"It is also associated with depression and increased risk for cardiovascular events, including heart failure and stroke".

One group was given 600mg of ibuprofen twice a day while the other group was given a placebo.

Ibuprofen is a very common over-the-counter pain reliever that we've probably all taken at some point. After 44 days, levels were even higher.

Doctors in Copenhagen who led the study said that while the disorder was mild and temporary in the volunteers, they feared it could become permanent in long-term ibuprofen users.

"For men, it is important their testosterone level remains at a stable level".

All 3 drugs are considered anti-androgenic, meaning they disrupt male hormones.


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The study comes as several studies show that infertility rates are on the rise in several areas of the world.

'Ibuprofen appears to be the preferred pharmaceutical analgesic for long-term chronic pain and arthritis.

The researchers also pointed out the risk of those with compensated hypogonadism progressing to overt primary hypogonadism, which is characterized by "low circulating testosterone and prevalent symptoms including reduced libido, reduced muscle mass and strength, and depressed mood and fatigue".

Over that time, there were no significant changes in the testosterone levels found in the blood of the subjects. The authors speculate that this could have health implications for such men, given the known links between the disruption of such hormones and cardiovascular disease, diabetes and infertility.

Oh no! A new study shows that ibuprofen can have a negative effect on male fertility!

"We normally see this condition in elderly men, so it raises an alarm", Jégou said. Professional athletes, however, do tend to take ibuprofen frequently, so this research could spark a serious look into the way those under physical strain treat their aches and pains.

When struggling to get pregnant, couples will immediately try to find the source of the issue, but a small new study has revealed that ibuprofen could be a potential sperm killer, and it's something all trying couples should read.

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