Checking out Samsung's MicroLED and 8K QLED TVs

Isaac Cain
January 13, 2018

The mix of 4K, HDR, the micro LED display, and its giant 146-inch size is a sight to behold. That means that the TV is made of a bunch of smaller squares that are put together.

Thus obviously enough "The Wall" is going to cost a true fortune for anyone with enough space to actually fit the damn thing in their home comfortably.

While we were shown "The Wall", a 146-inch MicroLED prototype TV, regular LCD, or more specifically, QLED TVs were missing, instead waiting until March to see the light of day.

At achieving this latter PR stunt, The Wall succeeds wonderfully. Well, first and foremost, there's something called Modular microLED.

Somehow, the term "big-screen TV" doesn't seem to do justice to Samsung's newest monster.

Checking out Samsung's MicroLED and 8K QLED TVs

Because each LED can turn on or off individually, MicroLED has the potential for infinite contrast, just like OLED TVs. Arguably, the tiling scheme could be arranged by Samsung to match customers' specific requirements and the bezel-free "wall" could be combined with other units. It can transform into any size, and delivers incredible brightness, colour gamut, colour volume and black levels. In other words, aside from its ridiculous size, The Wall is as close to the flawless new TV as we've seen so far from any brand.

Another cool feature of the Wall is that it can be customized to even larger sizes.

The 146-inch TV and created to take up an entire wall with the latest technology making a ideal picture on the huge screen.

Samsung is mulling hard the development of QLED TVs (to compete with LG's AMOLED TVs), with plans to launch commercially a 8K QLED TV later this year. Speaking of range, it will most probably be out of our range as it will be heavily priced.

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