You Will Soon Be Able to "Snooze" that Oversharing Facebook Friend

Isaac Cain
December 16, 2017

It turns out, you're not alone.

How do you snooze someone on Facebook?

If you're exhausted of putting up with a particular person, group or page for a while, just click the menu in the upper right-hand corner of their latest post and click "Snooze" and you won't see anything from them for 30 days. However, this feature comes as the company faces serious questions about its adverse effects on society.

In many ways it's a friendlier option than Facebook's "Unfollow" feature, which keeps the person hidden permanently, or at least until you undo it.

"The people, Pages, and groups you snooze will not be notified", the company said in a blog post. Back in September, Facebook began testing the feature, but now it looks to be ready for prime time.

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Again, I know that sounds a bit cynical, and I'm sure there are people who will use it to prevent seeing so many cat pictures from that one friend. You can snooze someone for 30 days at a time, which is an interesting change from Facebook's test, which also let you set someone to snooze for 24 hours or seven days. In the last few weeks, two of its former executives voiced their concerns about the company's impact on children's brains.

But Facebook stated that it had become a socially conscious social network in recent years.

For now, our Facebook here has not been updated with the new feature, but we should expect to see it here very soon, as Facebook has simply said it is rolling the feature out globally today. Facebook claims social media is fine, but many people aren't using it right. One of them stated that social media ruins our society.

Facebook's own research team found some pros and cons of using its social media platform. However, some researchers posited that reading about others over the Internet may compel them to compare themselves to others, thereby, getting a negative feeling about it.

Facebook's new Snooze option will probably help users in screening out content they don't like, in favor for posts they may actually interact with.

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