Net Neutrality 'Hysteria' Is Misplaced: FCC Chairman Hits Back at Jimmy Kimmel

Gladys Abbott
December 16, 2017

The Attorneys General of New York Illinois, Oregon, Massachusets and Washington State have said they will file a multistate lawsuit against the FCC's decision.

A vote on the regulations was held yesterday by the FCC and the commission repealed it by a 2-1 vote.

Multiple Senators and Attorneys General have already confirmed that they will legally challenge the move.

Healey said Americans will pay more to use the internet and have fewer options.

The Republican-controlled FCC voted Thursday to scrap an Obama-era rule that guaranteed equal access to the internet.

Pai went on to say that Kimmel and others were "proven wrong" by the fact that internet service providers (ISP) had not rolled out immediate changes Friday morning.

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Democrats have pointed to polls showing a repeal is deeply unpopular and say they will prevail in protecting the rules, either in the courts or in U.S. Congress.

Internet companies can now, at least in theory, mimic the way cable television providers bundle their services, charging a premium, for example, for access to certain high-demand websites like Facebook and Twitter.

The repeal of these rules was widely opposed by the American public, with more than 20 million people submitting comments to the FCC. Other critics have said they will consider challenging what they see as weaker enforcement.

Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, and Stephen Colbert all sounded off on the FCC's tragic ruling Thursday night, blasting Donald Trump-appointed chairman Ajit Pai for giving big corporations full control of the internet. His office is concerned the FCC reached their decision to repeal net neutrality in a fraudulent manner. "The free and open internet we had prior to 2015 is the one we're going to have going forward".

The chief executive of USTelecom, a lobbying group that represents internet providers and the broadband industry, said in a statement the industry has "renewed confidence to make the investments required to strengthen the nation's networks and close the digital divide, especially in rural communities".

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