Karishma Tanna, Rohan Mehra and Karan Patel to enter Bigg Boss House

Danny Woods
December 11, 2017

While Hiten enjoyed the task, Akash too took it sportively.

A task was given to the inmates by Salman in which they had to choose three contestants who according to each inmate should leave the Bigg Boss house before them.

Sunday's episode of Bigg Boss 11 weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan was action-packed and entertaining. Gauri has some lovely things to say to Arshi - jo dore dalti hai Hiten pe - but Gauri is a sport and she considers it amusing nok jhok.

The highlight of the task was when Hiten, took a jibe at Hina, while nominating her during the task and said that Vikas had told her to do so. But for some reason, Arshi thought that Shilpa Shinde was being disrespectful towards her father.

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While Arshi will try to grill Shilpa for her alleged indecent behavior when Khan's father visited, Salman set the records right and rebukes Arshi saying that Shinde didn't behave indecently.

Recently, Akash tried to get cosy with Arshi and the latter was seen enjoying it. Arshi kept on giggling and calling Hiten for her rescue. Will Shilpa Shinde go to Arshi Khan? In the preview of today's episode, Arshi rules the housemates and makes them beg to save themselves from nominations.

Karan then taunts Arshi for changing her behaviour more than her look, and asks her to be grateful towards someone who cooks for her (meaning Shilpa). "People might take her for a ride due to such nature", she says. After Salman leaves, Vikas corners Arshi for being a poor captain and Hina mocks him for taking a wrong decision.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time that Shilpa and Arshi have fought in the Sultani Akhada. She tells Hina that she sees herself in Hina for being so competitive and aggressive but advises her to practice what she preaches. The episode also saw Karishma Tanna, Rohan Mehra and Karan Patel entering the house to meet the contestants and Hiten Tejwani getting emotional as his wife Gauri Pradhan and kids visited him inside the house.

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