Google Maps is now a transit guide that will poke your shoulder

Gwen Vasquez
December 12, 2017

Users will be able to search for a destination and then tap "start" button at the bottom of the screen.

This time, it's getting a minor update albeit a useful one for the commuters. Users have started seeing the motorcycle mode option in their Google Maps application in addition to the vehicle, walking and train options that were previously available. The feature, which was first tested and subsequently released in California, is an air quality map that shows users concentration levels of different unsafe particles on city roads.

The report also points out the lock screen notifications are interactive, making it possible to scan through the directions rather than have to enter the app.

Places like a cafe, church, museum, zoo or hospital will have a designated color and icon to make it easier for users to find what they're looking for.

Google Maps recently introduced the "Two-wheeler mode" under which bikers get the fastest route to reach their destination.

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But thanks to Google Maps stressful bus journeys and looking out of the window with a panicked expression feeling like you've missed your stop will be a thing of the past.

Google Maps could soon be implementing layers that highlight air quality levels in cities around the world.

Google Maps just used to have public transport, walking and auto options, but has recently added Uber and similar transport app compatibility.

Other recent additions to Google Maps include the new video review feature.

They'll save you from having to unlock your phone and consult the Maps app every time you want to remind yourself of the directions you need to take.

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