Former Egyptian PM Ahmed Shafiq left Emirates to Cairo

Frederick Owens
December 4, 2017

Ahmed Shafiq, a career air force officer who served as the last prime minister under ousted ruler Hosni Mubarak, flew to Cairo from the Emirates on Saturday, ending almost five years of exile in the Gulf Arab nation.

President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi is widely expected to run for a second term but has yet to announce it. He was escorted from the airport by unidentified security men, according to airport officials. Adly appealed to the authorities "to allow me to meet him to check on him and to verify whether or not he has actually arrived in Egypt".

Shafik's whereabouts are unknown his family said hours after he left the airport, and officials did not issue any statement about his location.

The UAE state news agency WAM reported that Shafiq had left the country en route to Egypt, while his family stayed behind.

According to information by sources at Cairo's International Airport, when Shafiq's plane landed almost 50 family members and his loyalists met him at the airport. They deported him in a private plane.

She said all lines of communication with him have been cut.

UAE authorities had arrested and deported him to Cairo after he claimed that authorities there banned him from returning to Egypt to context next year's presidential election.

A Gulf source familiar with the matter had told Reuters: "Shafik has publicly asked to go to Egypt and his wish will be met".

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Charges were laid down against him, but he was acquitted of some, while the others were dropped.

A source at the Egyptian interior ministry said: "We do not know anything about Shafiq".

Shafiq had announced his intention to run in the elections in a video sent by an aide on Wednesday, where he stated the country may need "new blood" to face its current "many problems in all aspects of life".

Shafiq narrowly lost out on the presidency in 2012 to Islamist president Mohammed Morsi.

"After Shafiq's declaration of his intent to run for the 2018 presidential elections, he said that he will leave for France". She did not specify who gave the assurances.

The UAE has denied preventing Shafiq's departure from the country.

The UAE has been officially silent on Shafik's candidacy announcement. Sisi's supporters see him as key to stability following the upheaval that followed the 2011 Egyptian revolt that toppled president Hosni Mubarak.

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