Bigg Boss 11, Day 75 written updates: Captaincy task stands cancelled

Faith Castro
December 16, 2017

As a result, Bigg Boss gave the decision and cancelled the captaincy task. Post the winners" announcement Vikas makes an issue out of Priyank saying "Guchipoo' during the task when he was dressed in a bikini and was trying to make them laugh. Bigg Boss asks Arshi to select the contenders names from the winning team for the captaincy task.

Vikas comes out and asks Luv what was he talking to Priyank about just 20 minutes back. Vikas and Arshi have a calm conversation. Hina, lost her cool and ordered Shilpa to either use the RO water during cooking or leave the kitchen work. Shilpa says Arshi is a wrong choice for captaincy. Arshi, Shilpa, Vikas and Luv discuss but end up fighting. Arshi and Shilpa fight for the captaincy candidature. He will state that Arshi is not capable enough to retain her captaincy. Vikas tells them that he didn't see their clip, but something else and wanted to know what Priyank has been talking about him. Shilpa and Arshi get into argument over the same. Vikas says that the ladies in the house are really so mean. Priyank denies it and says that he wants Vikas to say what exactly he has said. Vikas says that he has made fun of his pet name "Kuchi Koo", in which he and his mother are in talks. This angers Priyank and he storms out as he tells Hina to not trust him henceforth.

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Bigg Boss has given Arshi Khan two options and he chooses to watch a video where Hina and Love talked about their organization. Thanks to a large population of Bigg Boss ex-contestants and the fact that there are TV actors in the thick of things, the fights are spilling in the real world too. Arshi is adamant to become the captain again. Big Boss also suggests that Arshi can nominate her two companions who can reach CCTV footage. Vikas also takes Puneesh aside and tells him that Shilpa is not his person and that she didn't pick him when she was given an option to step down and let Puneesh be the contender for captaincy.

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