This is How Google Built the Pixel 2's 'Best Ever' Camera

Isaac Cain
October 8, 2017

The Google Pixel 2 XL will run on Android 8.0.0, backed by a 3520mAh battery. The Google Pixel 2 houses a 2,700mAh battery and the Pixel 2 XL comes with a 3,520mAh battery. When enabled, this new feature will automatically put the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL into Do Not Disturb mode when they sense they're in a auto.

The Pixelbook touts a feature called instant tethering that will automatically connect it to a Pixel phone's Wi-Fi network, if no other connections are available. The only difference is the design and the size between the two. You can see how to activate this feature in photo below.

In Rick Osterloh's words "Our focus was online a year ago". Facing out from your ear is a circular knob adorned by Google's G logo in either "just black", "clearly white" or "kinda blue" - the same colors Google offers for the Pixel 2 phone.

According to DxOMark, a trusted website for camera reviews, "the iPhone 8 Plus is the best-performing mobile device camera we have ever tested".

Both, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are powered by Snapdragon 835 processor clubbed with 4GB RAM and 64GB/128GB of internal storage.

'As you talk, your Pixel phone's speaker will play the translation in Italian out loud.

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Talking about the functionality, with Googe Lens you'll be able to look up landmarks, books, music albums, movies, and artwork, right from Google Photos on your Pixel.

Finally, if you are all caught up on the Google stuff, then dive into the bottom half of the list below where you'll find news out of Verizon prepaid, the LG V30 launching, and Netflix prices once again on the rise. The buds provide 24 hours of listening time on a charge and can translate language in real time using Google Assistant technology.

There's a shutter button on the Google Clips if you need it. (Credit: Philip Michaels/Tom's Guide) Hands-free photography depends on having a good lens with a clear view of the scene. This works even when your phone is in a case.

The new Home Max, Google's premium smart speaker, is created to compete directly with the Apple HomePod and sophisticated devices from Sonos and Harman Kardon.

The former owner of Geno's Steaks, one of Philadelphia's most famous places for cheesesteak, placed a sign in his store in 2008 that read, "This is America: When Ordering 'Please Speak English'". It is a Water and dust Resistant device with IP67 certification.

During a demo, Google made a dig at Apple's strategy to keep some features specific to its larger-sized iPhone Plus model.

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