New emojis coming to iPhones

Gwen Vasquez
October 11, 2017

Something similar happened with Apple's iOS 11.0.2 users.

However, CPU performance did drop slightly over time, which the release said could be due to minor iOS updates, but likely wouldn't be enough of a change for average users to notice a performance dip. The results for the iPhone 5S don't surprise me much, because I don't believe for one minute that Apple needs to slow down devices to get our money.

A common claim has resurfaced in the past week: Apple is deliberately slowing down your iPhone. It might be worth actually downloading the beta releases for iOS 11.1 just for the new emojis alone.

If you were hoping that iOS 11.0.2 was going to fix all the problems with latest version of Apple's operating system, you're going to be disappointed. The upcoming iOS 11.1 will also comprise characters declared on World Emoji Day such as Bearded Person, Woman with Headscarf, Zombie, Breastfeeding, and Person in Lotus Position as well as new food items such as Coconut and Sandwich. The final version also includes a standardised look and design the emoji should stick to. Activity Resolved Issues • Activity no longer fails to remind you to stand 10 minutes before an hour in which you have not stood.

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Experts have already started to work on iOS 11.1 version and are on the way of beta testing. It will take you through the best reasons to install iOS 11.1 beta and the best reasons to avoid it.

While you might be fixated on iOS 11.1's new features you need to remember that this is a beta and betas are meant to catch issues before they appear in the final release. The beta will help Apple shorten the list.

But a new report has found this is not the case, and there might be another explanation. Signing up is as easy as heading over to, logging in with your Apple ID and enrolling your device on which you wish to download the public beta software.

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