McDonald's promises more Szchuan Sauce for 'Rick and Morty' fans

Danny Woods
October 10, 2017

Justin Roiland, creator and voice actor for "Rick & Morty", distanced himself from the whole saucy business, via Twitter.

Customers at a Los Angeles McDonald's chanted "We want sauce!" after getting shortchanged during the Saturday promo, while fights reportedly broke out at numerous other locations as customers tussled over the few packets that were made available.

Yep. You should probably stop trying to find Szechuan sauce. After having sent a half-gallon of sauce to the directors of the production, the futuristic, the chain has offered its customers for a limited period of time. Soon, #RickAndMorty and #SzechuanSauce were trending on Twitter. According to The Drum, the sauce packets and posters are being listed on eBay for hundreds of dollars. On Sunday, McDonalds tweeted a message saying it will bring back the popular sauce in the winter.

In the fallout from this disaster, fans of Rick and Morty have been quick to point out the dastardly tactics that McDonald's is using to keep their brand at the heart of controversy.

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Yesterday, we were truly humbled by the fantastic curiosity, passion and energy this community showed to welcome back Szechuan Sauce-even if just for one day. The sauce has been described as sweet and tangy with a hint of ginger. And a third outlet's shift manager came to the drive-through window to apologize profusely - clearly this wasn't her first "Rick and Morty"-related apology of the day".

Will it be enough to satiate Rick and Morty fans eager to see if the sauce Rick loves so much is worth the hype? It's an obsession for mad scientist Rick Sanchez on the show.

The fast food chain's latest stunt was bringing back its "Szechuan" sauce for a day, but restaurants across the United States quickly ran out of supply. By episode's end, Rick declares his life's goal: He must score more of the sauce that ceased production so long ago. Hopefully the showrunners will be careful with this newfound power they have to dictate pop-culture trends.

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