Hotel Says Wounded Las Vegas Security Guard Is Safe

Frederick Owens
October 19, 2017

In this October 17, 2017, photo released by Warner Bros., Stephen Schuck, left, and Jesus Campos appear at a taping of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" at the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, Calif. Schuck, a building engineer, and Campos, a security guard, were working at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino the night of the mass shooting on October 1. However, Campos might have just needed some time away from the circus surrounding the situation. "I'm doing better each day, slowly but surely". He told DeGeneres he believed Paddock was firing at him from behind his door. He shot Campos in the leg through his hotel room door, leaving the guard injured but still able to radio in the whereabouts of the shooter. "There was metal bracket holding the door in place", he said.

Jesus Campos, a security officer, and Stephen Schuck, a building engineer were working the night of the mass shooting that killed 58 people.

Then Campos said he heard what sounded like drilling, which DeGeneres clarified was the sound of gunfire. He thought people were working in the area.

"Shortly after that is when Stephen (Schuck) was approaching, and I told him to stay back and get cover, and that's when more rounds were dispersed", Campos said. "At first I took cover", he said. I felt a burning sensation.

When did he fire his first shots in his Mandalay Bay hotel room? Schuck was also a guest on the Ellen segment.

Jesus and Stephen said they are still trying to mentally heal after the shooting.

That is when Schuck touched base from a higher floor to take a gander at the metal section. Halfway down the hall, he saw Campos and heard loud noises.

"He's a hero", Ruano said, "and nobody knows where he is". "I imagine you relive that a lot", DeGeneres said.

A lodging visitor stuck her take off of her room; Campos advised her to backpedal in and seek shelter. Mostly down the corridor, he saw Campos and heard noisy clamors.

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And with that, Campos and Schuck finished their recounting of events - a key part of the investigation into exactly what happened that awful night and why.

Almost two weeks after one of the deadliest shootings in modern USA history, authorities have yet to sort out the basic facts surrounding the case of a high-stakes video poker player who murdered 58 people from his high-rise hotel room in Las Vegas. The latest police timeline essentially agrees with that. Specialists initially said that Campos landed after Paddock had started terminating on the group underneath - and that his quality redirected the shooter's consideration and finished the assault on the music celebration.

MGM Resorts, the owner of Mandalay Bay, is a sponsor of the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Why did Paddock stop firing into the concert?

The precise timing of events, especially how quickly the hotel communicated what it knew to police, could affect lawsuits filed by victims against MGM.

As Campos wrapped up his experience, he looked shaken.

"I understand your reluctance, because you just want this to be over", she said. "So you're discussing it now, and after that you're not going to discuss it once more. And I don't blame you, because why relive this over and over again?"

Then Campos expressed gratitude to all the people who assisted that night - the police, FBI, first responders, hospital staff and the community.

DeGeneres presented Schuck with tickets to meet and watch his favorite team, the Indianapolis Colts.

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