Donald Trump: 'Unfunny' late-night hosts should give Republicans 'equal time'

Frederick Owens
October 8, 2017

After more than a year of abuse, President Donald Trump has fired back at the late night comedians who have mercilessly attacked him since he declared he was running for president.

Donald Trump, as he does almost every week, woke up on Saturday morning, turned on Fox News, and started tweeting whatever half-formed thoughts floated into his leaky brain.

Trump, who has recently launched his own culture war on the entertainment industry, exploded on Twitter early Saturday morning, criticizing late-night hosts as "one-sided" and "unfunny" and calling for Republicans to get "Equal Time" on TV.

ABC's Jimmy Kimmel, another critic, added: "Excellent point Mr. President!"

In response, Late Night host Seth Meyers tweeted that he'd love to have Trump appear on his show, provided he can find their offices.

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Others pointed out that "equal time" is meant for campaign season, not to protect elected officials from being the butt of television humor.

US television broadcasters for three decades were required to give equal amounts of time to candidates seeking public office, though there were numerous exemptions including for scheduled newscasts and live events. "You're not campaigning. You're the president", Mike DiCenzo, a writer and producer for NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon", tweeted.

The late night cabal has been relentless in its attacks on the president, and it is no wonder why.

The president's comments followed an accusation on Fox News' Fox & Friends that accused late-night comedians Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon of "taking a hard turn to the left" with their recent shows that included speeches from Kimmel about gun control and healthcare.

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