Xbox One owners could soon reduce burden of very big install files

Gwen Vasquez
September 16, 2017

Microsoft is looking to fuel this need for urgency with a new method for installing and streaming games on the Xbox One called "Intelligent Delivery".

Microsoft has named this new system Intelligent Delivery. According to Digital Foundry, game developers got a preview of the system earlier in 2017, in an attempt to persuade them to adopt it in their upcoming titles.

The Intelligent Delivery technology, once rolled out, will also enable multi-disc releases, with the first disc of a game holding the necessary data and up to 15 additional discs containing extra data that players can install when needed. It will allow players to delete content they are not using, like multiplayer modes for example.

Essentially, the concept involves splitting game content into "chunks" of data and then adding tags to them. But Xbox has a very clever way to tackle this problem and reduce the download size for games.

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Save your game to an external hard drive and head over to a friend's house with an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, and you'll immediately be prompted to download the 4K assets you're missing. In the case of the latter, this means that game audio or cutscenes in non-relevant languages don't need to be downloaded - Intelligent Delivery could, in theory, install just the assets applicable to your region, with other languages an optional "on demand" download, accessible via the Xbox One dash.

Say, for example, you're a proud, new Xbox One X owner with a 4K TV.

The Xbox One X will be available on November 7, 2017 for $499. That means that we will likely see support show up initially in first-party gaming titles, with big name publishers likely following closely behind. Principally, the arrival of Xbox One X with its big 4K texture packs shouldn't make life harder for owners of the older model - many which only have 500GB hard drives.

As of now, it is still not clear how developers will be using this new feature, or if they will at all since there is no indication of it being mandatory. With only the required assets being downloaded, precious hard drive space will be saved and download times will be cut short.

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