US State, City Leaders Vow Support for Paris Agreement

Frederick Owens
September 21, 2017

Since Trump became President, the battle over climate change has not only focused on the Paris Agreement but also on the more substantial part of the science of climate change and domestic actions and discourse.

The fifth-annual C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards will be announced in Chicago during the Summit.

On Monday, while senior White House adviser Gary Cohn was busy dispelling rumors that the Trump administration might reverse course on its decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, leaders from around the world descended on New York City with a clear message for the beginning of NYC Climate Week: cities, states, and businesses are ready to move forward with climate action with or without the Trump administration's support. These sweetened the prospect of compromising on Paris, helping lead to a major turning point in bridging old divides when China agreed toits first cap on emissions by roughly 2030.

"It's still likely to be very hard to achieve these kind of changes quickly enough but we are in a better place than I thought". Trump has argued the emission standards would place a costly burden on American businesses.

The prime minister did not name the USA president directly but made clear that she believed ongoing membership of the Paris climate change accord was as important as the nuclear non-proliferation treaty in maintaining global security.

The rest of the world remains intrigued to see what the rhetoric of the United States delegation will be in Bonn at COP23, but as far as tackling the actual problem of human-induced climate change goes, not only has the rest of the world, without exception, chose to fulfil their commitment, but even the different Stats, cities and companies in the U.S. have chose to actually fulfil the obligations made by Obama, despite the White House and the federal government trying to reverse it.

British Prime Minister Theresa May urged world leaders to defend the rules-based global order and its multilateral institutions Wednesday, one day after US President Donald Trump had hailed national sovereignty. Global cities' mayors share the same visions.

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"Limiting total CO2 emissions from the start of 2015 to beneath 240 billion tonnes of carbon (880 billion tonnes of CO2), or about 20 years' of current emissions, would likely achieve the Paris goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels", said Richard Millar, post-doctoral research fellow at Oxford University.

The president said negotiations on the Paris rule-book must remain on track and ensure that there is sufficient clarity on Parties' commitments under their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) on mitigation, adaptation and means of implementation.

The reductions occurred while the number of jobs in the city increased by 7 percent, according to the city.

The recalculation emerges, said study co-author Joeri Rogelj of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria, because warming has been somewhat less than forecast by climate models - and because emissions have been somewhat more than expected.

"The danger posed by climate change can not be denied. We should also exploit opportunities in solar and wind power as well as gas, hydro, biofuels as alternatives energy sources".

Earlier this year, Emanuel announced a commitment to transition the city's municipal buildings and operations to 100 percent clean and renewable energy by 2025, the final year for meeting targets set in the Paris accord. This follows the 2013 commitment that the City made to eliminating coal from its electricity supply.

"The fact that we're meeting is quite good", said Edna Molewa, the South African environment minister.

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