US Establishes First Permanent Military Base in Israel

Frederick Owens
September 21, 2017

Today, the IDF announced a key development in Israel-US relations: a permanent US Military facility on Israeli soil, located within an Israeli Air Force (IAF) base in southern Israel.

Col. Liran Cohen, head of the IDF's air defense school, left, and Col. David Shank, of the United States 10th Army Air & Missile Defense Command, cut the ribbon to open the first American military base in Israel, inside the Mashabim Air Base, on September 18, 2017.

"The new buildings located on the Israeli installation are not a U.S. military base", she said.

"The minute that the U.S. decides to procure Iron Dome, we will transfer all the knowledge and production file to Raytheon", Yosi Druker, head of Rafael's Air Superiority Systems division was quoted by Defense News as saying, adding that the system would be fully produced in the United States.

The new USA base will wave the American flag for the first time and house dozens of US soldiers permanently stationed there.

The new base adds to the US garrison of the world, which accounts for some 800 military bases on soil other than its own.

According to the Times of Israel, Haimovitch also said that this base "allows us to improve our defence in discovery and in interception and in preparedness".

This time past year, the United States pledged $38 billion dollars - the largest amount in its history - over the span of a decade while Obama was president, despite his sour relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Brig. Gen. Tzvika Haimovitch, the head of Israel's Aerial Defense Command, left, and Maj.

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Both countries believe the establishment of a permanent US base on Israeli soil will enhance the ability to handle future challenges.

"We established an American base in the State of Israel, in the Israel Defense Forces, for the first time, with an American flag", he said.

The experiments, which were conducted in the south of the country, focused on the use of the "Tamir" interceptor, produced by both the United States and Israel, and its ability to intercept a number of targets fired simultaneously at different ranges. And now, with the opening of this site, these crucial interactions will occur every day. There are conflicting reports regarding which military specifically will retain jurisdiction over the base.

The annual exercise pits the two nations against the threat of a large-scale missile attack. It fell in the buffer zone between the Israeli- and Syrian-controlled parts of the Golan.

Israel's air defenses now include the Iron Dome, created to shoot down short-range rockets, and the Arrow system which intercepts ballistic missiles outside of the Earth's atmosphere.

The building supports troops operating in Israel on a rotational basis, USAREUR said.

The air defense chief lauded the opening of the USA military base in Mashabim as the latest in a series of improvements to the country's anti-missile program.

Israel maintains an elaborate missile-defense system to guard against a wide range of threats, including Iron Dome, which was created to shoot down short-range rockets fired from the Gaza Strip.

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