Turkey Signs Deal To Buy Russian S-400 Missiles

Frederick Owens
September 13, 2017

Anticipating potential concern among Turkey's fellow North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members over the deal, Erdogan said Turkey would continue to "make the decisions about our own independence ourselves".

Ankara objected to the criticism by the US, underlining that another North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member state, Greece, formerly purchased the Russian S-300 defense system and has been using it for years.

President Vladimir Putin's military advisor, Vladimir Kozhin confirmed the conclusion of the deal, TASS reports.

The choice of this defense system, Russian does not have too much strategic sense, taking into account that it will be hard if not impossible to integrate it into defenses air defenses of alliance, defends Jonathan Marcus, a specialist in defence of BBC.

He added that Russian Federation finds the reaction of some western countries that have been trying to put pressure on Turkey "quite natural" regarding the deal.

This agreement is a sign of rapprochement between Ankara and Moscow, since in August, 2017, both presidents signed a reconciliation agreement that put an end to the crisis opened after being a Russian military aircraft shot down by Turkish air forces in 2015.

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The observers see in this agreement a new sign of hostility of se two countries with West. Ankara considers YPG as linked to the Kurdish PKK group.

Turkey said in April that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally nations had not presented a "financially effective" offer on alternative missile defense systems.

Turkey's European Union affairs minister Omer Celik said that Germany's decision to suspend arms exports to the country will damage counterterrorism efforts in general as well as will pose a threat to European Union security.

Erdogan stated that no country has the right to discuss Turkey's sovereign and independent decisions to enhance its military defense, stressing that military procurement seeks to guarantee the independence and national security of the country.

Celik, who was speaking in London was reported by Reuters pressing on German officials to "leave security issues out of political discussions".

A spokesman for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation did not want to assess extent and assured that alliance has no role in arms trade between member states.

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