Tesla Superchargers are coming to a big city near you

Gladys Abbott
September 11, 2017

"As part of our commitment to make Tesla ownership easy for everyone, including those without immediate access to home or workplace charging, we are expanding our Supercharger network into city centers", Tesla said in a statement. The company has traditionally used Supercharger Stations to enable long-distance driving for its electric cars, positioning them along highways and on popular driving routes.

"Superchargers in urban centers deliver a steady 72 kilowatts of power, even if another Tesla begins charging in an adjacent stall", Tesla said.

Tesla Inc.is building electric charging stations in city centers to attract urban buyers who don't have a garage to charge in. Tesla's highway Superchargers deliver up to 120 kilowatts; they can charge up a vehicle in 30 to 40 minutes.

It's a welcome improvement to the Tesla charging network.

Tesla will be expanding its global charging network with new, compact and efficient Superchargers in densely populated city areas.

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The first two stations - in Boston and Chicago - opened Monday.

Tesla is ramping up its deployment of Supercharger stations across the US and internationally as part of its commitment to addressing growing demand, especially in light of the Model 3 beginning production.

These new Superchargers have a post-like design, so they take up less space than earlier models, and are a better fit for population-dense areas.

"They also have the same pricing as our existing Superchargers", Tesla points out, "which is far cheaper than the cost of gasoline". Today, there are around 1,000 supercharger stations globally, with more than 6,500 superchargers in total. The company's Destination Charging connectors, which have charging speeds similar to what a customer would get at home, have rapidly spread to places customers might stay several hours or overnight - locations like hotels and restaurants.

Tesla shares were up 4.92% to $360.05 in afternoon trading Monday. With all of its vehicles boasting ranges of over 200 miles, customers with home charging can start the day with enough range for basic commuting and city driving, and will only need to visit Superchargers when they travel long distance.

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