Syrian Government Forces Advance To Eastern Bank Of Euphrates

Frederick Owens
September 20, 2017

Syrian troops crossed to the eastern side of the Euphrates in Deir al-Zor on Monday, state media and a monitoring group said, increasing their presence in an area where USA -backed militias have also advanced. That same day the Syrian Army, backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, liberated the city.

The Syrian army and its allies have seized control of over 75 percent of the capital city of Deir al-Zour province in eastern Syria following battles with the Islamic State (IS), a monitor group reported on Monday. "The decision to establish and close temporary bases is determined by operational requirements and the progress of the campaign", US Army Col. Ryan Dillon said.

The US-backed SDF consists primarily of the YPG, which Turkey considers an affiliate of the PKK, a group designated as a terror organisation by Turkey, the European Union and the US.

Multinational Coalition troops advising and assisting the SDF were present but not wounded as a result of the Russian strike.

The U.S. -led coalition has closed and razed one of its combat outposts east of the coalition garrison in At Tanf, Syria.

"Throughout Syria and Iraq, the coalition has established and closed numerous bases, as warranted by the operational situation, in order to ensure we provide effective support to our partner forces".

"Russian air forces carry out pinpoint strikes only on IS [Isis] targets that have been observed and confirmed through several channels", Russian defense ministry spokesman Maj.

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Abu Kholed would not say whether there were plans to advance on Deir Ezzor city itself.

"We have not ceded any of the ground we have taken to anybody", Mattis said.

While the Syrian Army has had major battles against ISIS day in and out, the Kurds appear to take over previously held ISIS territory with zero resistance, particularly north of Deir Ezzor where vast oil fields are located and needless to say the U.S. wants to get their hands on, of course all in the name of "fighting ISIS".

Syria's Deir el-Zour is rising from the ashes after a grueling three-year siege by the Islamic State group.

Although to date there have been no serious clashes between the SDF and Syrian regime forces, on September 10, Syria's Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said: "The actions by the United States and the coalition led by it have no justification, for they are destroying Syria, killing civilians during air strikes and destroying the economic infrastructure".

Al-Manar TV, the media arm of Lebanon's Hezbollah, quoted an unnamed general who said the airport is "90 percent secured".

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