Iran's Reaction to Trump Speech: A New Ballistic Missile

Frederick Owens
September 24, 2017

In the aftermath of a major military parade organized in its capital city of Iran announced on Saturday, via its State-run television, having shot "with success" its new ballistic missile Khoramshahr.

Rouhani made the controversial remarks at a military parade that showcased a new ballistic missile said to be capable of reaching targets up to 1,200 miles away and carrying several warheads.

The test comes at the end of a heated week of diplomacy at the UN General Assembly, where both the United States and Israel denounced Iran and its nuclear deal with six world powers.

There has been some sympathy for the USA position from France, whose President Emmanuel Macron said the deal could be expanded to ban missile tests and cut a sunset clause in the nuclear agreement that would see Iran resume some uranium enrichment from 2025.

Iran would "not seek permission from any country for producing various kinds of missile", he added.

In August, Trump signed a new sanctions bill against Iran for its continued development of ballistic missiles, among other charges.

He said in his Friday's speech to soldiers marked the anniversary of the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980.

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Rouhani's comments came three days after Trump accused Iran at the U.N. General Assembly of building "dangerous" missiles and exporting violence to Yemen, Syria and other parts of the region.

President Trump has promised over and over again to adopt a much harder line in the direction of Iran, intimidating at numerous time to negotiate or maybe take apart this 2015 nuclear option, as well as blast Iranian boats out from the waters should they pressure United states naval ships.

Iran has repeatedly stated its military capabilities are exclusively for defense purposes and they pose no threat to other countries.

Trump's administration has twice certified that Iran is complying with its obligations under the accord.

"Despite all the supports offered by world powers to the aggressors, the Iranian nation managed to score glorious victories with their selflessness and devotion", said the Iranian top executive.

According to reports, the Khorramshahr missile can carry multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV).

At the United Nations on Tuesday, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu harshly condemned the Iran nuclear deal, warning that the accord will pave the way for Iran to obtain nuclear weapons if it is not scrapped or altered.

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