Hurricane Jose expected to weaken over next 48 hours

Frederick Owens
September 12, 2017

Harvey and Irma may be winding down, but another hurricane brewing in the Atlantic has the potential to impact the East Coast next week.

It's nearly as if Jose is trapped in the Bermuda Triangle of maritime lore, but there's nothing supernatural at work with the forecast track.

The forecast for Tuesday morning shows high pressure (black circle) will move offshore and prevent Jose from escaping out to sea.

After two, back-to-back Category 4 hurricanes - Harvey and Irma - hitting the USA, here's an unsettling thought: We could be hit by another one.

Meteorologist Jeff Masters said: "Until Jose is farther along on its loop, the models are likely to have large errors, and we should not take too much comfort (or indulge in too much angst) over a particular set of model runs". Lucky us so far, models tend to think it will. But keep an eye open for updates as we head towards the weekend. That's why beyond the 72 hours we would get a better picture in terms of a more accurate or a better confidence in terms of the path of Jose.

With more than two months left in the current hurricane season, NOAA advises coastal residents to have a plan should a tropical system threaten or strike.

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Jose is now a Category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

The NHC said that after this point in time the models start to "diverge significantly" over where Jose could go next.

"Various consensus models are between these extremes in forecasting a turn toward the northwest and eventually north-northwest", the NHC reported.

Speaking to The Tribune yesterday, local Meteorology Department forecaster Ian McKenzie said Jose's three-day cone has it located to the east of The Bahamas in a projected looping motion.

The main concern right now is that the churning hurricane will continue to generate swells across the Caribbean as it loops around.

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