Emma Stone has been in therapy since she was 7

Frederick Owens
September 23, 2017

"Listen so did I", Stone lamented.

"I'm scared, but I don't know why", I told him.

"(Acting) helped me so much", Stone added. Scared about being so scared all the time. I had anxiety - a diagnosis that an estimated 40 million other Americans have, too.

The US talent is undoubtedly at the height of her career, having walked away from this year's Oscars with the Best Actress title thanks to her starring turn in box office hit La La Land.

Emma Stone made an appearance on Tuesday evening's (September 19) episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and opened up about how improv and acting has helped her overcome her longtime struggles with anxiety.

"This is me, I guess, and this is anxiety here, a little green monster that looks a little bit like, as someone backstage said, a uterus with some ovaries", Stone explained.

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The drawing showed a girl, standing below five little words that altogether said something pretty powerful: I'm bigger than my anxiety.

'I was a very, very anxious child and I used to have a lot of panic attacks, ' she said. She was first seen on the big screen in the 2007 high school comedy "Superbad", which also starred Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, and Christopher Mitz-Plasse. "I'd curl up on the couch backstage at the Second City and [say] don't talk to me [until] I hear my cue".

The actress opened up about her experiences living with anxiety from an early age.

Stone says she now lives a more balanced life because she has managed her anxiety with "great therapists and great cognitive behavioural tools". "I would ask my mom a hundred times how the day was gonna lay out".

At that time, she could not imagine leaving her home in Arizona. What would happen at lunch? Not a hallucination, just a tightening in my chest, feeling I couldn't breathe, like the world was going to end.

The La La Land star also revealed that she had "immobilising" panic attacks as young as 7 years old.

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