Trump's "Fire and Fury" Wouldn't Be the First for North Korea

Frederick Owens
August 14, 2017

During an appearance at the Netroots Nation conference in Atlanta Friday, Ellison addressed the recent exchange of inflammatory rhetoric between Trump and North Korea, saying North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was acting more responsibly than the US president.

The U.S. JCS chief will reportedly pay a courtesy visit to President Moon Jae-in during his two day trip to Seoul.

The Washington Post reported last week that North Korea had developed the ability to make a miniature nuclear warhead that it could fit inside its missiles.

At least 3.5 million young people and retired soldiers have joined the North Korean military to fight in the event of a war against the U.S., state media said, adding that people are rising up "to retaliate against" Washington.

The restrictions came after North Korea's latest missile tests, which it claimed involved the launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Formal talks on North Korea's nuclear program collapsed in 2009, and Kim has accelerated his efforts to obtain the ability to strike the USA with a nuclear weapon.

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The talks ramped up after President Donald Trump's inauguration, according to the source familiar with the negotiations, with the US side aiming to secure the release of Warmbier and the other Americans held in North Korea. Trump has often used sharp words to argue that China isn't doing enough to rein in North Korea, and has threatened punitive measures on trade if Xi fails to act.

White House officials have insisted the investigation is not created to apply additional pressure on China as it relates to North Korea despite the president's previous remarks that he would be more amenable on trade if China stopped Pyongyang's nuclear program.

However, statements from North Korea suggest that no move will be made until the USA attacks North Korea first. "Nobody loves a peaceful solution better than President Trump".

McMaster also said while poised militarily, the United States is exploring other avenues to confront the threat from Kim's weapons program.

North Korea's state-run Korean Central News Agency accused Trump earlier of moving the Korean Peninsula "to the brink of a nuclear war". They may continue launching missile tests but they don't want a war, and the USA doesn't want military action either. Beijing is North Korea's biggest economic partner and source of aid. He added that China and North Korea understand that Trump "is actually prepared to use military force - credibility that prior administrations simply lacked".

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