There has been a possible 'rally cat' sighting in St. Louis

Frederick Owens
August 12, 2017

It ended up in the possession of a woman who claimed the kitten as her own, but it ultimately got away leading to the Cardinals releasing a odd statement on the cat's whereabouts on Thursday morning.

The Rally Cat has been found, safe and sound and resting with the St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach, where volunteers are treating the cat and helping it recover before preparing it for adoption.

The Cardinals lost their lucky unofficial feline mascot nearly as quickly as it jotted on the field during Wednesday night's game.

St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach announced they caught a kitten overnight in Citygarden that they believe may be the Rally Cat.

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The Cardinals tweeted the cat's photo on Friday, with the hashtag #RallyCat.

After being taken off the field by grounds crew member Lucas Hackmann, the kitten was placed near the Stan Musial statue.

On the next pitch, Molina hit a grand slam. (And yeah, based on how he treated the Cards' staffer assigned to get him out of the outfield, we're not doubting that part of her story for a second.) Even while cat lovers searched the city for the missing feline hero, Rally Cat fever swept St. Louis - and apparently the nation. She says she was carrying the cat to her downtown home when he jumped from her arms in Citygarden. We understand from media accounts that the woman meant to take it home and care for it, but lost track of it in City Garden. A member of the grounds crew scooped the cat up and brought it toward the stands.

The adorable kitten who single-handedly transformed the fortunes of the St. Louis Cardinals may again be in safekeeping. Harris apparently lied to staffers and said she owned the cat. TRUE soon as I saw this cat run across the field I knew I needed to know where/what was going to happen to this kitten- I sprinted past numerous ushers asking do u know where they are putting this cat?.

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