The hyperloop just had its fastest test yet, almost hitting 200 miles per hour

Gwen Vasquez
August 2, 2017

That may not seem entirely impressive on its own, but it becomes much more clear how big of a success this was when you learn that the Hyperloop One reached a top speed of 192 miles per hour.

The test of its XP-1 passenger pod traveled for just over 300 meters before the brakes activated and the vehicle gradually decelerated.

Hyperloop One depressurized the tube for the test track down to conditions similar to those at 200,000 feet above sea level, which is part of the Earth's atmosphere where there is very little friction and resistance to the rarified air.

The new test breaks the recorded speed record for any Hyperloop tests ever conducted, including those done by research organizations participating in SpaceX's pod design competition.

"For Phase 2, we built upon everything we learned from our initial test and accomplished faster and faster speeds at a farther distance", Hyperloop One's chief engineer and co-founder Josh Giegel said in a statement. "When you hear the sound of the Hyperloop One, you hear the sound of the future", Pishevar added. At the time, Hyperloop One had said Phase 2 would involve getting to 250mph, but in a recent press release, the startup said that the 192mph test run this month satisfied Phase 2 development goals. And it also travelled 1,433 feet, almost five times further than before.

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Elon Musk first floated the idea of a hyperloop in 2012, and subsequently open-sourced the concept so private companies could work to actualize the technology.

The futuristic transit system is also being pursued by Hyperloop One's ousted cofounder, Brogan BamBrogan.

Boring broke ground on an underground tunnel in the Los Angeles area and is in talks to make one in Chicago, both of which could utilize Hyperloop technology to propel electric sleds through the tunnels.

At those speeds, Hyperloop well exceeds the fastest trains in use in Australia and is well on their way to delivering the ultra-fast transport slated for installations in Dubai and other parts of the globe. Hyperloop One has also said it is in talks with regulators and city officials about building a Hyperloop in the US.

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