OpenAI's Dota 2 bot defeats world's best pro player

Isaac Cain
August 12, 2017

― AFP picThat hasn't stopped the foundation from working on fun projects, such as a bot that not only learned to play popular videogame Dota 2, but it has successfully beat world-class players.

OpenAI took the stage at the Dota 2 International Championship yesterday.

In an accompanying blog post, OpenAI published that its bot has been undefeated over the last few days in Dota 1v1, a "complex game with hidden information [in which] agents must learn to plan, attack, trick, and deceive their opponents". Sumail, also a TechJuice 25 under 25, is one of the Time Magazine's top 30 influential teenagers.

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OpenAI says the bot was trained on self-play-meaning it started knowing nothing about the game, slowly learning which techniques worked and which didn't by playing a virtual version of itself.

As per OpenAI's statement, this is a step towards building AI systems which accomplish well-defined goals in messy, complicated situations involving real humans.

In the best of 3 match, the AI was able to beat Dendi in less than 10 minutes. After the AI quickly got the first kill in the second round, the human player gave up and forfeited the rest of the match. The company claims that the AI was able to defeat the humans not because of its actions-per-minute but due to its live grasp of the opponent's strategy and planning accordingly. From what Brockman said, it seems that the company is hoping that the bot keeps on learning as quickly as it now is, and improve upon its cooperative techniques to take on a full team of professionals before long. In the meantime, the company said it will soon let anybody play against the bot.

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