NRA spokeswoman calls for Democrat to resign after calling NRA 'threat'

Isaac Cain
August 13, 2017

They help protect our constitutional rights.

The officer - who said he smelled marijuana in the auto and believed Castile was reaching for his weapon - was acquitted in June but lost his job with the police department.

The Philando Castile shooting included disturbing elements.

National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch is calling on Rep.

Loesch then challenged the Democrat that not only threatened her right to free speech but endangered her and her family. She called on Rice to apologize to the millions of law-abiding gun owners across the country.

"I am not a domestic threat!" she told fill-in host Mark Steyn. "What is she going to do, arrest us?. If you find me that threatening Congresswoman, come and arrest me".

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Loesch said that until Rice apologizes, "I don't know that she can be trusted with the security of Americans".

Rice spokesman Coleman Lamb defended Rice's tweet on Friday, saying in a statement, the NRA "no longer has anything to do with protecting Second Amendment Rights", The Washington Post reported.

Rice's statements came a month after the NRA released its weird, militaristic "Purge" franchise fan fiction video that basically advocated gun owners take to the streets and shooting any liberals who threaten their way of life (that "way of life" appears to be their right to go out and shoot anyone they please for any reason at all, apparently).

Conservatives and gun-rights supporters, however, accused Rice of labeling the NRA's entire membership a general threat to the country.

The NRA finally came out of hiding on the killing after a year, saying this week that the group didn't defend Castile because he had marijuana - the most murdery and rare drug on the market - in his vehicle at the time, and that therefore he, I guess, deserved to be shot to death in front of his family in the auto. "Stop lying", Mrs. Loesch said while discussing the incident on Twitter. In Congress, Rice has strongly spoken out in favor of gun control, including joining two dozen of her Democratic colleagues for a sit-in after the June 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting.

Kathleen Rice of Nassau County took to Twitter Thursday night and told constituents that Mrs. Loesch's behavior is tantamount to the threat posed by a terrorist organization.

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