Nations start to choose sides in event of North Korea war

Frederick Owens
August 13, 2017

It seems like China may not help North Korea if the North decides to attack the US first.

"China should also make clear that if North Korea launches missiles that threaten USA soil first and the US retaliates, China will stay neutral", the Global Times said in an editorial. At the same time, Beijing will respond if the United States and South Korea strike first and try to overthrow the North Korean regime.

So, how exactly is North Korea - an isolated kingdom with sanctions and an economy contracted due to a drought - rising up to the US?

"I think China can do a lot more, yes".

Despite Article 5 of the NATO Charter, which requires all members to come to the aid of any attacked member, it is unlikely Germany and other NATO members would be required to take military action against North Korea as Guam falls outside of the collective defense geographic limits detailed in the charter's sixth article.

The president of China said that this issue should be addressed through dialogue and negotiations, in order to achieve a political solution.

As tensions rise, North Korea has found a supporter even as some U.S. allies reaffirmed they would back Washington in the event of an open conflict.

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Begging China and Russian Federation to rescue the US from nuclear North Korea plays right into their hands by messaging our allies that the United States is helpless, that real power over North Korea is not in Washington, but in Beijing and Moscow. Like Beijing, Moscow is not enthusiastic about Korean unification on the South's terms, since South Korea is a close US military ally. He wasn't talking about North Korea.

While German officials have warned of the "very serious situation" unfolding between its ally and North Korea, Berlin has yet to affirm support for a USA incursion. In the current situation a little spark can ignite a fire in the region.

KIM: The two countries have made clear they don't want North Korea to have nuclear weapons.

Since years, North Korea has been surviving with the support of US' direct rival, China.

Immediately, move more THAAD interceptors to South Korea, more Aegis anti-missile ships around North Korea and in the Gulf of Mexico, strengthening USA missile defenses.

Tensions around the Korean Peninsula started to rise in light of the implementation of the North Korean missile program. Nevertheless, both Russian Federation and China voted for new United Nations sanctions against North Korea last weekend, winning praise from the White House.

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