Ford announces £2000 scrappage scheme for pre-2010 cars

Gladys Abbott
August 22, 2017

Ford wants to reduce this number and do its bit for the country's air quality and pollution issues, so when they say they'll scrap your auto, they'll scrap your vehicle, even if it hasn't even reached its 10-year birthday.

While other manufacturers, including Vauxhall and BMW, have launched scrappage schemes this year, Ford's is unusual in allowing customers to trade in and scrap any brand of older vehicle for at least £2,000.

Ford said scrappage schemes could take hundreds of thousands of the dirtiest vehicles off the roads, to replace them with models using the latest Euro VI standard engines emitting 80% to 90% less NOx (the generic term for polluting notrogen oxides) and particulates.

Ford is the latest auto company to launch an incentive for United Kingdom consumers to trade-in cars over seven years old, by offering £2,000 off a new model.

If your auto was registered before 31 December 2009, you can waltz into any Ford showroom and get £2000 off the cost of a selection of Ford models - namely the new Fiesta, Focus, B-Max, C-Max and Kuga, as well as a selection of Transits.

Owners can get rid of any pre-Euro 5 diesel or petrol vehicle of any make and model in return for cash off a brand new, Euro 6 Fiesta, Focus or Transit.

Data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders shows that there are approximately 19.3 million pre-Euro 5 passenger cars on the United Kingdom roads today. This means most cars prior to 2010 will be eligible for the offer.

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Edmund King, president of the AA, said: "These initiatives are obviously there to boost sales of new cars, but if they are going to take polluting diesel cars off the road, then that has to be a good thing".

However, these schemes will also boost new vehicle sales, which have been slipping in the United Kingdom for the past four months.

Cars registered before this time fall under the Euro 4 emissions regulations (we're now on Euro 6) and are more polluting than newer cars, hence why these are the ones eligible. Volvo says all its new cars will be hybrid or electric within two years.

With the government refraining from launching a scheme of its own to reduce the number of older, dirtier diesel cars from British roads, Ford is the latest in a string of vehicle makers taking actions into their own hands.

Ford has announced its own auto and van scrappage scheme, following in the footsteps of BMW and Mercedes.

"Car manufacturers clearly also have a role to play in cleaning up our air, so I welcome Ford's decision to offer a scrappage scheme for the owners of the oldest, most polluting vehicles", he said in a statement.

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