Final Fantasy XV - First Official PC Screenshots

Gwen Vasquez
August 21, 2017

Now, the publisher is scoring points with the PC crowd, revealing that Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will be coming to the new platform as part of a partnership with Nvidia. The game already looked great on consoles thanks to Square Enix's Luminous Engine, and with NVIDIA by its side for the release, the PC version of Final Fantasy 15 should look pretty incredible. Payers will be able to play in the first-person perspective and take 360-degree high-resolution screenshots throughout the game. The game will also utilize numerous advanced features offered by Nvidia's GPUs including Ancel support.

Final Fantasy 15 originally launched for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2015.

NVIDIA ShadowWorks - enables characters to cast shadows on themselves. As far as Nvidia is concerned, players will need some of its best graphic cards in order to play the game at its maximum settings. If HDR 10 is also a possibility for you then the game will support that too.

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But it's probably going to be worth it to experience that realistic hair, vegetation, depth and realism Square Enix and Nvidia are promising when the game arrives next year. Will you be purchasing FFXV again on the PC to experience the world of Eos at a new level of quality?

Nvidia VXAO ambient occlusion, which helps to realistically portray light sources on geometry in the game.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will be available as digital download through Steam (PC) in early 2018. Or are you happy to let this announcement slip by? The recommend system requirements list 170 GB as the required hard disk space.

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