Elon Musk says AI bigger threat than North Korea

Gladys Abbott
August 14, 2017

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has stated that people should be more anxious about artificial intelligence, more than the heightened tension between the United States and North Korea.

While Musk's comments seem somewhat bombastic, they do shed light on the growing influence of artificial intelligence on humanity. The most isolated country in the world is believed to possess nuclear weapons and the display of verbal aggression isn't helping matters.

Musk also warned that artificial intelligence should be regulated the same way anything that could pose a danger to the public is.

Musk has repeatedly called on people to be concerned about the rise of the machines.

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"If you are anxious about the safety of artificial intelligence, you should worry about".

Late Friday night, Elon Musk tweeted a photo reigniting the debate over AI safety.

His stance puts him at odds with much of the tech industry, but echoes remarks of prominent voices like Stephen Hawking-who has also issued dire warnings about machine learning.

Musk is the founder of OpenAI, which is a non-profit promoting responsible development of artificial intelligence through research and an emphasis on ethics.

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