Destiny 2 PC Beta Changes, Fixes & Tweaks Listed

Isaac Cain
August 11, 2017

Lastly, Sandbox Designer Josh Hamrick explained some of the bug fixes and tweaks added to the PC Beta over the Console.

For those who choose to go into Competitive play, the game will select an opponent who is closer to the player's skill level.

However, Bungie has revealed that players will be able to set the FPS limit through the config file, "Destiny 2 on PC will include the ability to specify a frame rate upper-limit (via a config file)".

If you're curious about stuff like frames per second during gameplay, Destiny 2 on PC will have an in-game FPS counter.

While Destiny 2 will take player and group skill rating into account at all times, it will be less of a factor in Quickplay. The PC beta will conclude for everyone August 31, less than a week before Destiny 2 releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Additionally, as matches often ran shorter than the developer anticipated, the winning score for Control has been increased from 75 to 100 and its extended the trigger for the Mercy rule. Bungie hopes the changes will "better reflect how you'll perform against your opponents".

Before that, PC owners will get their hands on the Destiny 2 beta starting Monday, August 28, for those who pre-ordered the game or have an early access code via Blizzard's

This bug was awesome ...

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With the exception of where perks directly increase their range, Warlocks will punch like the rest of us.

If you were instead after details on the console versions of Destiny 2, then head over to our everything we know on Destiny 2 console page, containing information on the release date, beta start and end dates, and exclusive content for the game.

As detailed by Crucible Design Lead Lars Bikken, the developers have been keeping their eyes on player's activities in the console beta and have used what they've learned to further tailor the multiplayer experience - in particular, online matchmaking. "We agree it was taking a bit too long to cook up a Super".

Increased damage helps Grenades feel as powerful as they should facing hordes of alien combatants and, more specifically, makes the longer cooldowns more palatable.

"We want abilities to be slightly more rare, but worth it". It does include some tweaks from the console beta plus a new multiplayer map.

This is something we had felt internally and have been slowly tuning up over the last several weeks.

Power Ammo will be found more regularly, and can also be farmed from yellow bar enemies. Along with providing a higher level of visuals thanks to the PC platform, it will also feature changes to Power Ammo drops, Super energy gain and so on.

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