Denier-in-Chief Trump Should Read NOAA's Frightening New Climate Report

Gwen Vasquez
August 11, 2017

A total of 468 scientists from 64 countries who worked on the report concluded: "Major indicators of climate change continued to reflect trends consistent with a warming planet".

"Scientists Fear Trump Will Dismiss Blunt Climate Report", read the headline of the Times story.

It reported that people were anxious the study would be publicly released, but those who worked on the report are pushing back against the claims.

However, scientists who wrote the draft of the government report took to social media to point out that this report was public knowledge since January 2017.

President Trump has not talked directly about the science since taking office, but on the Hugh Hewitt radio show in 2015 he said: "I'm not a believer in man-made global warming".

The scientific report is working its way through the federal review process and, Hayhoe says, "has passed peer review, public review, agency review by all agencies and departments with relevant expertise, and review by a committee of the US National Academy of Sciences that was specially convened with the sole goal of reviewing this report". "Evidence for a changing climate abounds, from the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans", the draft states.

The Times issued a correction on page A17 of its Wednesday edition.

The draft report was published by the New York Times on Tuesday from publicly available information.

So, what's in the clandestine report?

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Without a major reduction in emissions, warming may rise 9 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century, a level that would make parts of the world uninhabitable and cause an extraordinary rise in sea level, the report says. Even though the increase is essentially negligible, the scientists warn that without major reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions, the temperature in the US will rise almost nine degrees Fahrenheit by the end of this century.

"It was under the radar and we were fine about that", one author said.

Roger Pielke Jr., a scientist attacked by the climate tribe for daring to (correctly) challenge whether global warming is causing extreme weather events, offered up a tweetstorm response to the report. To say this isn't to deny science. It's an assessment of the latest and best climate science from around the world by 13 federal agencies, including NASA, the EPA and even the Department of Defense, along with a host of leading U.S. scientists.

Experts previously said 2016 had broken the record for the hottest year ever but the new report is significant since this is the first comprehensive climate report released under Donald Trump.

"In my area of expertise, it underscores that there is very little support for claims of increases in hurricanes, flood, drought, tornadoes", Pielke told me via e-mail.

Trump, who has called climate change a "total con job" and "hoax" perpetrated to harm USA economic competitiveness, has spearheaded a wholesale scrapping of Obama-era initiatives that sought to reduce carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants and other sources.

Yet the Times treats the contents of this report as if it were some kind of revealed truth from on high. Why? "It compels action to prevent climate change".

Next up: A tweet about the "failing" New York Times from a certain fellow.

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