CBB fans in shock as Sarah and Chad get frisky

Danny Woods
August 21, 2017

"I think everyone is OK, but I think D-Rock is really OK", she then continued of the men in the house, making her fellow housemate pretty uncomfortable we imagine.

"You're just starting out mate, don't f**king ake the p***", Sarah snapped.

'I could've done without seeing Sarah rubbing Chad's d***,' one wrote on Twitter, whilst another said: 'Some things U REALLY don't wanna C on #CBB Can someone pop Sarah Harding a note thru that there are actually cameras in there!

Are you shocked by Sarah and Chad's X-rated antics?

Anyway, amidst all this kerfuffle, CBB fans have become somewhat obsessed with Sarah's hair for she's sporting a look that some have described as a '90s style. Seven people nominated me.

Warning Chad that they needed to "tone" down their romance for fear of hurting her boyfriend's feelings, she said last week: 'We got busted big time. I know I love you though.

'It doesn't make sense, I just feel so fucking deceived, everyone assumes I have a fanbase looking out for me and they have their own agenda.

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"He's my best friend in here".

The couple got quite intimate under the covers on Sunday night, when they shared a bed for the first time.

Breaking down in tears, Chad was seen hugging her as she cried, and kissing her after she clocked he had been the only one to not nominate her.

Every housemate who received any nominations will face the next public vote, meaning only Derek, Shaun Williamson and Amelia Lily are the only ones guaranteed to be safe.

The intense argument then soon calmed down as Chad told Sarah: "This is the weirdest fight ever".

It's a double eviction which means two housemates will leave on Tuesday night.

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