Attack 'could be threat to the survival of Japan'

Frederick Owens
August 12, 2017

Another independent expert, Michael Elleman, senior fellow for missile defense at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said the new report is the first to identify the engine propelling the North Korean rockets, information that allows researchers to narrow their assumptions about the missile's capability.

In other words, the independent analysts believe that the North Korean rocket scientists engineered the power of their rockets with an eye toward gaining height, without demonstrating that their devices had the range or thrust to fly far enough horizontally-while carrying the extra weight of a nuclear bomb-to hit a target in Alaska or the continental U.S.

"I think the biggest surprise to me was to look at the budget for the Missile Defense Agency and see that go down in '18 from what it is in '17".

At one point, the U.S. Air Force poured billions of dollars into a huge laser mounted on a Boeing 747 that was created to destroy enemy ballistic missiles during the boost phase - and it worked.

As tensions between the United States and North Korea continue to escalate, a southern IL woman worries about her family on the U.S. Island territory of Guam.

Trump suggested a report on more funding for missile defense could be coming in the next week, which Karako said could be a sign that the Pentagon completed its preliminary study from its missile defense review.

Despite his desire for a bolstered missile defense system, Sullivan said he is still confident the nation's current system - "almost all based in Alaska" - "will protect us in the event of a rogue launch (by) Kim Jong Un at Chicago or LA or Anchorage". But a current USA boost-phase capability hasn't been fielded. If the United States or Japan successfully intercept the missile it could be taken as an act of war, prompting further military response.

The revelation that North Korea had miniaturized its nuclear weapons to fit atop an ICBM was a "surprise".

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The THAAD system, of which at least one is permanently based at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, could also take a shot.

"I will do my best to secure our people's lives and property", Abe said without elaboration.

"He needs to watch what he says".

Mr Trump has said he would respond to any such action with "fire and fury".

The Senate Armed Services Committee authorized $9 billion for missile defense, while the House Defense Appropriations Committee approved $8.6 billion, according to CSIS.

"The delegation has worked hard to bring THAAD interceptor testing to Kodiak, to improve our ground-based missile defense capabilities at Fort Greely, and to modernize military radars throughout our state", Murkowski said.

Mattis told Thornberry that the Pentagon is now undergoing a review of its ballistic missile defense programs, which could lead to a higher budget request for 2019.

If "Kim Jong Un chose to launch an ICBM at the United States, I believe we have the system right now to shoot that down - to track it and shoot it down", Sullivan said.

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